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Kas Havana 2639 Grey Area Rug

Price: $172.13

Lush, tropical designs bring you into another world with our Havana Collection. 100% multi textured wool is hand tufted with hard-twist accents, bringing exceptional texture and dimension to each piece. Rich, nature-inspired colors will bring tropical warmth into your home.

Couristan Everest Antique Baktiari Midnight 3721-4876 Custom Length Runner

Created from 100% heat-set Courtron polypropylene, the Everest Collection offers a super-dense weave and a soft, luxurious finish. This ultra-fine, strong synthetic fiber resists wearing and permanent stains and provides Everest with long-lasting performance and appearance retention. The…

Custom Surya Gemini Gmn-4034 Area Rug

Price: $1,161.00

Adding a silky sheen to your home decor that will radiate both comfort and beauty, the delightful rugs of the Gemini collection for Surya offer the finishing touch to your cool, contemporary space. Hand tufted in 100% bamboo silk, each perfect piece effortlessly emanates a unmatchable level of…

Couristan Wisteria 8798 Natural Brown B023A Custom Length Runner

Eastern aesthetics are constructed in a distinctly Western fashion in Wisteria's bold and stately design. Offering a crisp, captivating pattern and a luxuriously soft surface pile, this quality residential carpet is intricately hand-hooked by skilled experts of the trade. Its Oriental floral motif…

Custom Surya Crowne CRN-6013 Burgundy Area Rug

Price: $1,179.00

With soft and beautiful traditional design details, the Crowned Collection creates a lasting centerpiece that is unparalleled in style and value. Completely hand tufted and hand finished from the finest wool in India, each rug is a radiant treasure that will embellish your home, fashioning a look…

Surya Anthracite Ate-8000 Area Rug

Price: $119.40

With a series of exquisite, intricate details found within each striking stitch, the dazzling rugs found within the Anthracite collection for Surya will surely make a style statement in your space. Hand woven in India in 100% leather, these perfect pieces delicately weave strips of leather and…

Nourison Karma Krm03 Stone Area Rug

Price: $94.05

With its intriguing array of radiant tribal patterns revealed in artfully gradated color palettes, this wonderful collection is warm, inviting and infinitely exciting. Woven from a silky polypropylene/polyester blend and featuring antique-inspired design effects, these significant rugs are sumptuous…

Nourison Nepal Bengal Nep04 Quartz Area Rug

Price: $369.00

Experience the texture of a traditional Nepalese rug with this exciting collection of unique area rugs. It features captivating designs in exotic hues, hand-carved for additional dimension. Add comfort, as well as a beautiful and elegant design element, to any setting. Nepal is sure to impress…

Nourison Living Treasures LI-05 Aqua Area Rug

Price: $329.00

Elegantly flowing arabesques and exquisitely detailed floral medallions. A richly authentic Kashan design on a delicate field of luminous ivory. Loom woven from top quality New Zealand wool yarns for opulent texture and lasting beauty. A truly extraordinary area rug for the today's sophisticated…

Bashian Marakesh M133-Bn15 Grey Area Rug

Price: $239.00

Sink your feet into the soft, nubby texture and supple weave of these timeless designs. Original Moroccan patterns hand knotted in natural un-dyed wool with subtle striations, create a harmonious atmosphere and blend with any decor.

Solo Rugs Ziegler 179228 Area Rug

Price: $1,469.00

The tradition of hand-knotting rugs has been passed from generation to generation. Because each knot is made by hand, rugs of this type are truly one-of-a-kind and can take months to complete. Renowned for their timelessness, traditional-style rugs typically have uniform patterns, floral motifs, and…

Couristan Bainbridge Trellis CB-64 Ecru Custom Length Runner

Offering a signature floral trellis pattern, embellished in a deep and vibrant tonal color palette, Bainbridge Trellis has been designed to provide the foundation of any room-setting in the home with a fresh and passionate decorating statement. This Wilton face-to-face cut-pile carpeting features a…

Kalaty Oak Pak 4394 Ivory Area Rug

Price: $2,298.00

Elegant One-of-a-kind low pile Pakistani rug.

Solo Rugs Ziegler 179136 Area Rug

Price: $2,049.00

The Turkish city of Oushak was a major rug production center during the Ottoman Empire and through the early 20th century. During that period, Turkish nomads created beautiful designs featuring stylized floral, star, and botanical motifs. Though early weavers were limited to a strict selection of…

Surya Mellow MLW-9000 Area Rug

Price: $189.00

Solid in color, this striking shag creates a sense of casual comfort that will be the envy of any it encounters while still maintaining a sense of relaxed refinement underfoot. Maintaining a sense of simplistic elegance in its classic coloring, this flawless rug marvelously melds comfort with a hint…

Surya Kindred Kdd-3003 Area Rug

Price: $361.80

Experts at merging form with function, we translate the most relevant apparel and home decor trends into fashion-forward products across a range of styles, price points and categories - including rugs, pillows, throws, wall decor, lighting, accent furniture, decorative accessories and bedding. From…

Surya Frontier FT-530 Maroon Area Rug

Price: $129.00

Richly dimensional and mesmerizing in its unique appearance, this rug will redefine modern charm from room to room in your home decor. Featuring a boldly outlined abstract geometric design, this piece fashions a striking and seemingly textual look for any space. Woven on a loom rather than knotted,…

Bashian Greenwich R129-Hg250 Taupe Area Rug

Price: $199.00

Step onto a field of finely spun wool with shimmering highlights of pure viscose. Artistry and elegance are at your feet with contemporary designs that stretch your imagination and updated colors that soothe your senses. Sturdy, reinforced cotton canvas backing protects the carpet and adds an extra…

Custom Surya Jasper JSP-8000 Gray Area Rug

Price: $1,184.00

Solid in color, this flawless rug offers a simple, yet striking solution to updating your space. Effortlessly elegant in its dazzling design, this piece fashions a timeless addition that will remain striking from room to room within any home decor for years to come. Offering a luxurious look for…

Trans-Ocean Piazza Zen 7280/04 Breeze Area Rug

Price: $199.50

This rug resembles a unique work of art. The Artistic tri-color stripes were created by being hand-dipped-dyed. This collection is made from 100% luxurious wool and is expertly hand tufted to create a plush, elegant and durable rug. This triple-dip-dye technique creates a colorful and harmonious…

Surya Kota Kot-7004 Black Area Rug

Price: $199.00

Highlighted in a series of hypnotizing hues, each of the radiant rugs of the Kota collection by Surya will surely embody a sense of vibrant charm from room to room within any home decor. Hand woven in 100% cotton, the divine reversible design and dazzling color palette found within these perfect…

Surya Mercer Mcr-2007 Area Rug

Price: $109.00

Bold and inspiring, the beautiful contemporary design of this rug are sure to add something new and fresh to any decor. Hues of charcoal and charcoal are emblazed beautifully on this rug, which will be sure to make a bold statement about your decor. Experts at merging form with function, we…

PANTONE UNIVERSE Expressions 5501g Blue/ Purple Area Rug

Price: $199.00

Energetic mid-century abstract expressionists splashed paint onto canvas in surprising ways. A few decades later, those splashes convey genuine feeling with a powerful color message. Expressions, by Oriental Weavers for PANTONE UNIVERSE, is a new cross-woven rug collection with the energy and style…

Kaleen Marble Mbl02-75 Grey Area Rug

Price: $299.00

You may do a double take when you see Marble on the floor. Although they are hand-tufted of 100% space-dyed wool in India, these rugs look like they might have been mined from a quarry. These nature inspired looks are sure to be a conversation piece in any decor. Detailed colors for this rug are…

Surya Naya NY-5250 Charcoal Area Rug

Price: $269.00

Color (Pantone TPX): Charcoal (18-0306), Sunflower (14-0848), Gray (16-3802)

Custom Surya Oasis Oas-1088 Camel Area Rug

Price: $1,205.00

Effortlessly crafting an opulent oasis in each vibrant design, the radiant rugs found within the Oasis collection by Surya flawlessly fashion the finishing touch to your space. Hand tufted in 100% wool, the striking geometric prints splashed across each of these perfect pieces will effortlessly…

Custom Surya Athena ATH-5001 Area Rug

Price: $1,179.00

Fashioning a sense of warmth in their utterly flawless designs, the rugs found within the Athena collection by Surya will radiate a sense of incomparable charm in your space. Hand tufted in 100% wool, each of these perfect pieces will not only allow for certain level of durability, but also, will…

Custom Surya Reeds REED-825 Area Rug

Price: $1,177.00

An exquisite example of a natural fiber rug, this piece from the Reed Collection is hand-woven of 100% jute. If you prefer to decorate with environmentally friendly products or just love the casual, organic look of natural materials, this rug is for you. Offering a luxurious look for your space, the…

Surya Smithsonian Smi-2150 Area Rug

Price: $483.00

Unlock a sense of truly divine design in your home decor with a rug from the Archive collection by Smithsonian for Surya. Hand woven from 100% wool, the striking coloring placed Surya collaborated with the world's largest museum to create the Smithsonian Collection. Inspiration for these plush…

Kalaty Tabriz Tr-553 Red/Black Area Rug

Price: $900.00

This design is from the world's most famous rug weaving city of old Persia. This rug is woven from New Zealand wool and sumptous silk highlands and topped off with a semi-luster wash, robust jewel tones and a meticulous hand weave.

Custom Surya Ancient Treasures A-108 Black-Red Area Rug

Price: $1,239.00

Crafted with rare quality, this exquisite Collection features a series of traditional Persian designs capturing the essence of ancient traditions and majesty. The rugs are made from 100% semi-worsted New Zealand wool offering a thick, dense pile with a super-luxurious feel and fine finish to…

Shalom Brothers Royal Zeigler Rzm-Sl6 Red/Black Area Rug

Price: $1,000.00

Royal Zeigler Collection features classic designs from the late 1800s that were woven in the Sultanabad area of Iran. These designs were Persian patterns adapted for export to satisfy the West,over 100 years ago,colored for the interiors of the 21 century. These rugs are hand knotted of superior…

Surya Cypress CYP-1011 Area Rug

Price: $359.00

(1 Review)

Blending elements of trend worthy tribal design with a hint of vibrant coloring, this flawless piece will effortlessly exude a refined look in your home decor. With a series of tribal designs delicately places in striking geometric square patterns, this piece will offer a sense of contemporary…

Nourison Somerset ST-62 Brown Area Rug

Price: $114.95

This resplendent group of exquisite rugs has something for everyone. It features traditional, transitional and contemporary designs in a variety of color combinations. This versatile collection is ideal for a range of interiors and infuses a dynamic element into any setting that is sure to inspire…

Southwest Looms Dreamcatcher Cattle Call Runner N-11A Area Rug

Price: $370.00

The Dreamcatcher Collection is inspired by Navajo rug weaving traditions. Southwest worked with their weavers over a four-year period to reproduce the exact feel, texture, weave and look of the Navajo hand-woven rug. This Navajo style rug is woven by finely trained weavers using New Zealand wool and…

Safavieh Casablanca Shag Csb851b Ivory - Grey Area Rug

Price: $199.00

Safavieh's Casablanca collection is inspired by timeless contemporary designs hand tufted with finest wool and cotton. Native Moroccan tribal patterns in natural, earthy color tones distinguish this Casablanca area rug by Safavieh. Diamond latticing bordered by deconstructed geometric imagery,…

Momeni Monterey Mo-03 Blue Area Rug

Price: $117.00

The Monterey Collection features a series of rich colors with elegant contemporary designs. Mixed fibers of polypropylene and polyester are used to create texture, sheen and dimension in this collection that is machine made in Turkey. The Monterey collection is both durable and soft to the touch.

Safavieh Santa Monica Shag Sgn725 Silver Area Rug

Price: $153.14

The casual West Coast aesthetic is celebrated in Safavieh's dramatic California Shag collection designed for added luxury with a super dense pile weight of 4.5kg per square meter. This wonderfully soft carpet is power loomed of polypropylene yarn for outstanding quality and an unusually plush…

Kas Bob Mackie Home Vintage 1310 Azure Blue Area Rug

Price: $97.75

Bob Mackie's stunning costume designs have earned him a total of 9 Emmy Awards, 31 Emmy Award nominations, and three Oscar nods. His innovative work in the entertainment world has been legendary. His awe-inspiring costumes have been worn by hundreds of celebrities including Carol Burnett, Cher,…

Surya Quartz Qtz-5000 Slate Area Rug

Price: $241.80

Bold and inspiring, the beautiful contemporary design of this rug are sure to add something new and fresh to any decor. Hues of slate and light gray are emblazed beautifully on this rug, which will be sure to make a bold statement about your decor. Experts at merging form with function, we translate…

Kas Provence 8602 Silver - Blue Area Rug

Price: $106.25

Machine-woven in Belgium of 100% viscose, our Provence Collection brings a stunning traditional look to your home in fashion-forward colors with a drop-stitch effect. With a luxurious sheen and an ultra-silky pile, these rugs are available in a variety of elegant patterns. With such an exquisite…

Rugstudio Sample Sale 82224R Cocoa Brown/Dark Ivory Area Rug

Price: $108.00

This is from a Nationally-recognized brand. We're not allowed to show their name since weve significantly reduced the price. We show it as a 'sample' since it ships from one of our showrooms. You still get our generous 30-day return policy, plus, a brand name for less!

Solo Rugs Shalimar 178067 Area Rug

Price: $1,159.00

For thousands of years, the tradition of hand-knotting rugs has passed from generation to generation. Because each knot is made by hand, rugs of this type are truly one-of-a-kind and can take months to complete. Due to high knot-per-square-inch counts, hand-knotted rugs are extremely durable and…

Surya Riley RLY-5024 Cantaloupe Area Rug

Price: $61.80

(10 Reviews)

A cross between sophistication and a contemporary, chic look, Surya's Riley collection has a variety of area rugs for your casual or formal area. With cool, soothing color hues this area rug is an excellent piece to warm the ambiance from room to room within any home decor. Offering a more…

Couristan Adelaide Trellis 9148-B004A Ebony Custom Length Runner

Embracing the richly stated and decorative styling of the great European homes of the 18th and 19th centuries, Adelaide Trellis by Couristan has been designed to provide today's most cherished traditional and transitional interiors with an elegant and ageless appeal. Depicting the delicate essence…

Surya Anastacia Ana-8403 Area Rug

Price: $819.00

(1 Review)

When the Tibetans fled their homeland, they took their rug knotting technique and styles with them. The Anastacia Collection is a tribute to traditional Tibetan styles with a Surya influence. Knotted in India with the Tibetan technique and traditional designs, with some colors tweaked and patterns…

Couristan Everest Royal Scroll Antique Linen 3318-4832 Custom Length Runner

Created from 100% heat-set Courtron polypropylene, the Everest Collection offers a super-dense weave and a soft, luxurious finish. This ultra-fine, strong synthetic fiber resists wearing and permanent stains and provides Everest with long-lasting performance and appearance retention. The…

Products 1 - 48 of 22047
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