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6 X 12

J. Aziz Peshawar Beige-Gold 86970 5' 10'' x 12' 6'' Rug

The Peshawar Collection infuses modern rug-making elements with classical motifs. The result is a series of expertly crafted, visually stunning area rugs. Each one-of-a-kind design is meant to last for generations. This particular rug features a timeless Persian floral motif woven in shades of beige…

PANTONE UNIVERSE Optic 41108 Mauve Chalk Area Rug

Price: $209.00

Color and geometric patterns continue to take the area rug market by storm. None do a better job of creating simple sophistication than the new Optic collection by PANTONE UNIVERSE and Oriental Weavers. Highlighting key trend colors for the home furnishing market for 2015, the Optic collection…

Tufenkian Heriz Semi-Antique 12 Area Rug

Price: $8,757.72

This semi-antique Heriz was hand woven using 100% Persian wool and vegetable dyes prior to 1949. It was hand selected by James Tufenkian for import prior to the beginning of the embargo in 2010. This semi-antique Heriz measures 9' 5'' x 13' 6''.

Tufenkian Heriz 6 9'11'' x 12'10.5'' Rug

This one-of-a-kind rug is hand knotted of 100% Persian wool. Although the piece was made prior to 1949, it is in excellent condition. This carpet was personally selected by James Tufenkian, who brought it to the states before the September 2010 embargo. This rug measures 9' 11'' x 12' 10.5''.

Tufenkian Knotted 7 12' x 15' Rug

…used in this design is our most luxurious Armenian quality, comparable to our Tibetan Shakti weave. The Abraham rug is dyed with all natural vegetable dyes which deliberately creates color shadings and striation in the delicate and refined designs of this rug. This rug measures 12'11'' x 15'6''.

Tufenkian Tibetan Moss 9' x 12' Rug

From James Tufenkian: A hand woven Tibetan rug in moss green. This moss green Tibetan Shakti rug features a field of repeating Greek keys bordered by intertwined six-spoked wheels. It was hand-knottted in Nepal of Himalayan wool and up to 10% silk using the Tufenkian Shakti weave which has a smooth…

Tufenkian Heriz Semi-Antique Persian 6 Area Rug

This unique Heriz rug measures 7'5'' x 12'. James Tufenkian selected it not only for its rare size, but also for the vibrancy of the vegetable dyes used, the interesting medallion shape and its excellent condition.

Tufenkian Knotted Sheared Moss 6' x 9' Rug

…using our Esfahan weave. The field color in Cloudband Moss is mixed ply green-gray, border is sage, accents are warm beige, light olive, amethyst, and powder blue. This rug has been sheared to give it a pile height around 1/2''. This 2x10 runner is a unique size that we rarely see in production.

Tufenkian Heriz Semi-Antique 1 Area Rug

From James Tufenkian: Made of 100% Persian wool, this hand woven semi-antique Heriz was made in Iran prior to 1949. It measures 10' 1'' x 12' 6''.

Tufenkian Tibetan Bidjar Sunswept Area Rug

From James Tufenkian: Note that the rug pictured here is a runner, however the only sizes still available in this design/colorway are 6 x 9 and 9 x 12.

Tufenkian Tibetan Ione Copper Penny Area Rug

From James Tufenkian: A contemporary Kevin Walz design, Ione offsets even stripes of taupe and brown with overlapping copper circles in a movingly geometric carpet. Finely handcrafted in Himalayan wool and silk. This piece is a custom sized rug that measures 9' x 12'6''.

PANTONE UNIVERSE Color Influence 45101 Milky Green/Dove Area Rug

Price: $299.00

As times evolve, so does the influence of color. One of the most current hues for a neutral palette is gray, making the new PANTONE UNIVERSE area rug collection-appropriately named Color Influence-right on trend. Featuring three different shades of gray and a pop of color from Pantone's most…

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