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Surya Rugs Nia

Surya Nia Nia-7006 Olive Area Rug

Capitalizing on cool quatrefoil design, the radiant rugs of the Nia collection by Surya will surely splash from room to room within any home decor. Hand woven in a flawless intermingling of wool and chenille, each of these perfect pieces will define glamour in your space with their smooth geometric…

Surya Nia NIA-7005 Burgundy Area Rug

Color (Pantone TPX): Burgundy(19-1524), Burgundy(19-1726), Cherry(18-1655), Cherry(19-1761)

Surya Nia NIA-7001 Moss Area Rug

Color (Pantone TPX): Moss (16-5106), Sky Blue (13-4804), Moss (17-5110), Light Gray (15-5704)

Surya Nia NIA-7002 Beige / Gray Area Rug

Color (Pantone TPX): Beige(15-1214), Gray(17-1500), Lavender(13-3406)

Surya Nia NIA-7000 Blue / Green Area Rug

Color (Pantone TPX): Teal (19-4318), Navy (19-4229), Sea Foam (16-5515), Mint (14-5711), Forest (19-5408), Sea Foam (14-6312), Emerald/Kelly Green (17-5430)

Surya Nia NIA-7004 Gray / Navy Area Rug

Color (Pantone TPX): Gray(17-5102), Light Gray(16-0207), Navy(19-4014), Navy(19-4028), Navy(19-4229), Teal(19-4324)

Surya Nia NIA-7003 Burgundy / Eggplant Area Rug

Color (Pantone TPX): Burgundy(19-1524), Burgundy(19-1627), Eggplant(18-1405), Mauve(16-3304)