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Shaw Phillip Crowe Lunker Sunset Linen - 12100 Area Rug

The accent rugs of this collection designed by wildlife artist Phillip Crowe illustrate popular outdoor subjects with amazing realism and clarity. Ducks flying above a foggy marsh, retrivers awating their master's call, and deer running through snow-covered fields are just a few of the inspirations…

Weave: Machine

Rugstudio Famous Maker 38193 Beige Area Rug

Famous Maker was inspired by popular wildlife artist Phillip Crowe's love for the great outdoors. The collection of 32 rugs was designed to meet the over-whelming request for rustic, outdoor looks in home decor. Machine woven of soft, durable olefin yarn, the rugs feature colors of rich red, warm…

Material: Wool

Weave: Machine