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Kalaty Oushak

Kalaty Oushak Ou-411 Ivory/Light Brown Area Rug

Open, cordial, and confident, the Oushak rug stands alone in the Turkish constellation. Exciting purists and adventuresome types alike, the striking and varied patterns simultaneously echo tranquility and verve. Hand-Knotted of hand-spun wool, these richly colored, modern masterpieces please even…

Org Indo-Oushak Dos-132 Gray-Blue Area Rug

Open, cordial and confident, Oushak rugs stand alone in the Turkish family. Exciting purists and adventuresome types alike, all seem to appreciate the striking and varied patterns simultaneously echoing tranquility and verve. Hand-knotted of premium, hand spun wool, these richly colored, modern…

Kalaty Oak 269938 Ivory Area Rug

This is not your average run of the mill area rug. This is a One-of-A-Kind item. Inventory is very limited and may sell out soon. Because of the rarity of this item, and rugs in general, stock availability is not guaranteed. If an order cannot be filled, your credit card will not be charged.

Kalaty Royal Heritage-781 781 Area Rug

The English countryside has its own distinct design,where comfort and traditional elegance come together in a unique style that almost defies description. Here all manner of antiquities are paired alongside furnishings of a somewhat more modern idiom and yet everything seems to blend together…