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Jaipur Naturals Treasure

Jaipur Rugs Naturals Treasure Souvenir Nta18 Classic Gray/Medium Gray Area Rug

This natural fiber Jaipur rug was made in India from 100% Hemp. This eco-friendly transitional style area rug features a textured houndstooth pattern with classic gray and medium gray colors.

Material: Natural Fibers/ Weave: Jute-Sisal /

Jaipur Rugs Naturals Treasure Mihaly Nta08 Char Brown Area Rug

Patterns created by both texture and color make these rugs unique. constructed of 100% hemp they are durable and made to last. Pantone Colors Include: Neutral Gray(17-4402), Dawn Blue(13-4303), Frozen Dew(13-0513), Mocha Bisque(18-1140)

Material: Natural Fibers/ Weave: Jute-Sisal, Woven /