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Jaipur Cloudburst

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 Undyed Wool | Elements | Elements El01

Jaipur Living Elements Elements EL01 Cloudburst Area Rug

Price: $50.00

(2 Reviews)

Take your space back to basics with the elements collection. arfully hand-woven in neutral tones of undyed wool, every piece in this subtle range has a soft hand and a beautiful mottled effect giving each piece a look reminiscent of donegal tweed suiting fabric. Pantone Colors Include:…

Jaipur Living Playful By Petit Collage Starburst Pbp01 Whitecap Gray Area Rug

A distinguished celebration of mid-century modern design, and a rug that suits the nursery as perfectly as the family room. Bold geometric shapes and twirling starbursts, in hand-tufted wool. Pantone Colors Include: Whitecap Gray(12-0304), Cranberry(17-1545), Pewter(18-5203), Cloudburst(17-1502)

Jaipur Living Masonic Nero Mac07 Light Gray - Cloudburst Area Rug

Price: $23.63

Draw the line on ho-hum decor with direction from the new masonic collection. Machine-made in a soft-to-the-touch blend of viscose and polypropylene. Pantone Colors Include: Light Gray(12-0404), Cloudburst(17-1502), Dark Shadow(19-3906)

Jaipur Living Lounge Zaniya Loe15 Cloudburst - Paloma Area Rug

An urban contemporary styled rug collection that updates your living area with bold patterns. Ranging from soft neutrals to strong colors these rugs could live in any home.

Jaipur Living Aston Ripley Ato04 Cloudburst - Pelican Area Rug

Price: $50.00

This striking bamboo silk rug takes the latest trend in distressed textiles to a new level. The provocative, on-trend look will captivate aficionados of contemporary decor with a flair for the dramatic. Pantone Colors Include: Cloudburst(17-1502), Pelican(14-6305), Neutral Gray(17-4402), Whisper…

Jaipur Living Terracotta Kassandra Tet06 Cloudburst Area Rug

Price: $18.00

Terracotta, created with simple blues and neutral browns, is a very easy addition to update the traditional. This 100% Polyester collection brings in the feeling in look of an old heirloom rug while giving a whole new look to the traditional rug Pantone Colors Include: Cloudburst(17-1502) Silver…

Jaipur Living Maroc Delphine Mr90 Cloudburst - Egret Area Rug

Price: $32.63

An array of simple flat weave designs in 100% wool-from simple modern geometrics to stripes and Ikats. Colors look modern and fresh and very contemporary.

Jaipur Living Coastal Lagoon Okana Col59 Cloudburst Area Rug

Price: $320.63

Okana, from Jaipur Living's Coastal Lagoon Collection is crafted of 100 percent polypropylene for indoor-outdoor use. Rendered in shades of Cloud Burst and Clarete Red and available in multiple sizes, this looped-pile rug is a tropical fantasy of floral pattern that is both easy to care for and…

Jaipur Living Basis BI05 Ash - Cloudburst Area Rug

Price: $50.00

The concept of the solid rug is redefined with the Basis Collection. Hand-loomed in rich wool and art silk, a sophisticated sheen and subtle gradation of color gives each piece a unique depth.

Jaipur Living Blue Dialed-In Bl89 Quarry - Cloudburst Area Rug

Price: $50.00

…expression with a modern flare. Embellishing this mix of playful colors, some designs incorporate a raised carving effect and art silk accents. The Blue Collection combines fluid lines with highly textured hand-tufting for a look that's eye-catching, functional and quintessentially Jaipur.

Jaipur Living National Geographic Home Collection Pillow Ng-05 Ngp10 Cloudburst

Price: $79.00

…Geographic pillows. Dotted urban landscapes, lush rural farmlands and hedgerows, and consistently roving herd migrations evoke a sense of wonder about our world from a unique perspective. Pantone Colors Include: Cloudburst (17-1502), Nine Iron (19-3908), Buckskin (16-1342), Spray Green (15-0309)

Jaipur Living Opus Principal Op29 Cloudburst - Taupe Gray Area Rug

Price: $50.00

Beautifully mastered in every detail and nuance, the rugs of the Opus collection define accessible luxury. Hand-spun wool is crafted into distinctive rugs, passing through an advanced dyeing system that renders a color that looks vegetable-dyed, but is colorfast and enduring for generations to come.…

Jaipur Living Urban Bungalow Khalid Ub23 Cloudburst - Chili Area Rug

Price: $200.25

A range of beautifully designed flatweaves in a stunning color palette. Hand woven from 100% wool each rug has its own personality and is versatile and easy to use.

Jaipur Living Elmhurst Ritner Elm02 Charcoal Gray and Cloudburst Area Rug

Price: $32.63

Ritner, from Jaipur Living's new Elmhurst Collection, elevates Cowboy Chic to an entirely new plain. Sophisticated shades inspired by blue denim and desert sunsets take geometric pattern for a rough-and-tumble ride. The natural fiber blend of wool and cotton and flat-weave construction is easy to…

Jaipur Living Konstrukt Kelle Kt12 Wind Chime - Cloudburst Area Rug

Price: $50.00

The building blocks of good design usually begin from the ground up. With the mineral shades of the Konstrukt Collection, soft texture and subtle sheen provide the ideal backdrop to create a myriad of classic contemporary environments. Hand-loomed in wool and accents of art silk, each of these…

Jaipur Living En Casa By Luli Sanchez Pillow Encasa15 Lsc41 Cloudburst

Price: $90.00

…painter and surface designer, Luli Sanchez. This collection is based off of her painterly works of art that capture an organic and moody yet optimistic spirit. Her geometric paintings were truly inspiring for this pillow collection. Pantone Colors Include: Cloudburst (17-1502), Arrowwood (16-0954)

Jaipur Living Fables Stockton Fb134 Majolica Blue Area Rug

Every design tells a story with the fables collection. this broad range, crafted in machine-tufted viscose and ultra-soft chenille, brings any space to life with its fashion-forward color palettes. with options suited to many styles and aesthetics, fables brings together a diverse collection of…

Jaipur Living Kilan Sundamar Kil04 Cornstalk and Pebble Area Rug

Sundamar, from the new Kilan Collection is hand-tufted in 100 percent wool for durability and a soft hand. In shades of Cornstalk and Pebble, it's a design destined to make any traditional space sing. Pantone Colors Include: Cornstalk(16-1315) Pebble(14-1112) Pesto(18-0228) Cloudburst(17-1502)

Jaipur Living Heritage Chantilly Hr04 Charcoal Area Rug

The heritage collection is a beautiful casual hand knotted range of rugs with a soft wool ground and art silk motifs. each piece is skillfully overdyed to create a vintage look and give surface interest. the rugs are uber soft with a sense of antiquity and luxury. Pantone Colors Include:…

Jaipur Living Elmhurst Woodward Elm04 Jet Black and Mediterranean Area Rug

Woodard, from Jaipur Living's new Elmhurst Collection, elevates Cowboy Chic to an entirely new plain. Sophisticated shades of Jet Black and Mediterranean take geometric pattern for a rough-and-tumble ride. The natural fiber blend of wool and cotton and flat-weave construction is easy to care for and…

Jaipur Living Noho By Kate Spade New York Marble Nhk03 Neutral Multi Area Rug

This hand knotted rug is crafted in a wool and art silk blend for a lustrous finish, while the 110 line construction creates a marbleized abstract motif of exceptional quality. Pantone Colors Include: Chestnut(19-1118), Pristine(11-0606), Steel Gray(18-4005), Cloudburst(17-1502), Birch(13-0905),

Jaipur Living Traditions Made Modern Premium Nimbus Tmp02 Gargoyle - Pumice Stone Area Rug

Weather report: nimbus, the newest graphic design from the traditions made modern premium collection is expected to kick up a style storm. Designed by the museum of international folk art in moody shades of gargoyle and pumice stone, a wool and viscose blend imparts a lustrous sheen. Pantone Colors…

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