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Calvin Klein
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Ck36 Gradient Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Ck36 Gradient Gdt05 Silica Area Rug

Impactful abstract design in mineral tones of silica, with depth of color, rich luminosity and visible supple texture.

Calvin Klein Ck36 Gradient Gdt01 Granite Area Rug

Network of fine lines gleams with quartz-like luminosity against the mineral grey ground, creating a subtle pattern of loosely etched diamonds.

Calvin Klein Ck36 Gradient Gdt03 Drift Area Rug

Soft brush-stroke effects create an evocative dreamscape of gently shaded lines. Blended wool and silk-like fibers add to the alluring appeal of driftwood neutrals in the realm of sand and charcoal.

Calvin Klein Ck36 Gradient Gdt02 Baltic Area Rug

Impression of movement is gently mesmerizing in ripples creating a luminous effect of light upon dark. Soft texture and refined minimalist palette.

Calvin Klein Ck36 Gradient Gdt04 Basalt Area Rug

Interplay of finely woven linear motifs gives definition through a rich undercurrent of texture. Subtle beauty enriches a graded spectrum of deep basalt tones of delicate alabaster highlights.