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Company C Captiva 18923 Multi Area Rug

The lush, tropical flowers and foliage of Floridian islands inspired this dramatic, overscale floral, colored in gorgeous, happy hues. The mix of hooked and tufted wool, in high-twist yarns and mottled colors, gives the rug great texture and dimension.

Company C Talavera 18988 Espresso Area Rug

Inspired by the motifs on colorful Talavera pottery from Mexico, this rug enlarges upon a beautiful quatrefoil tile pattern in shades of terracotta, chocolate, lime green, orange, and turquoise. Each ColorSpree rug is hand-hooked with 100% polypropylene yarns for durability. Water and mildew…

Company C Jubilee 18747 Periwinkle Area Rug

This rug is a kaleidoscope of color and texture, with vibrant horizontal stripes offset in subtly circular patterns. Some stripes are made with tufted wool felt using a technique called ''chindi'' for an overall effect that is richly textured and riotously colorful.

Company C To-Bay-Go 19234 Multi Area Rug

Bring the vision of a tropical resort indoors with this wonderful objet d'art. Featuring intricate details of marine flora against a sea-colored ground, our fun interpretation of a coastal theme is highlighted with twisted, chunky yarns. Contrasting organic patterns are stitched-in to create tons…

Company C Concentric Squares 18143 Multi Area Rug

Wide strips of merino wool are tufted and hooked in a faithful reproduction of an antique hooked rug. Thick textures and bright colors make this rug plush and cheerful.

Company C Yukata 10206 Multi Area Rug

Named after traditional summer kimonos and featuring many of the same blossoms you might encounter in a colorful Japanese garden. This rug is 100% wool and hand-tufted. Should long ends of yarn appear on surface, do not pull. Use scissors to trim yarn evenly with rug surface. Vacuum regularly. Spot…

Company C Mandarin 18410 Pewter Area Rug

Our modern interpretation of a chinoiserie floral. We mixed traditional Asian floral motifs with bright shades of ultramarine, violet, jade and poppy, hand tufted on specially dyed wasabi and pewter grounds. 100% wool, tufted. Should long ends of yarn appear on surface, do not pull. Use scissors to…

Company C Monterey 19014 Lagoon Area Rug

The intricate veins and delicate ribs of gingko and eucalyptus leaves waft across our Monterey rug, enriched with textures of tufted, hooked, and high-twist wool yarns. Lagoon blends blues, aquas and greens on a sand ground

Company C Serendipity 19097 Lake Area Rug

Like flowers floating in a beautiful pool, the lush Serendipity rug mixes free-flowing blossoms and paisley forms in lemon, coral and watermelon on an aqua ground. The large-scale motifs in high-twist yarns create a visual treat for any room in the house.

Company C Green With Envy 19407 Willow Area Rug

We take the intricate swirls and teardrop shapes of classic paisley and reinterpret them with a looser, over scaled design. Hand hooked with tie-dyed yarns in glorious shades of green and accented with complimentary shades of blue, driftwood and soft gray for a greater sense of movement and depth.…

Company C Morocco 19043 Aqua Area Rug

The intricate tile work that is so captivating in Morocco is adapted in this sophisticated rug, which pairs cool spa blues with driftwood and touches of green, yellow and ivory.

Company C Landscape 18862 Teal Area Rug

What would a painting look like, interpreted in the three-dimensional canvas of a rug? We asked artist Jennifer Hansen to create this oil painting for us, and then we translated it into tufted wool. The gradations of color in the sky and trees form a beautiful, almost abstract backdrop of soothing…

Company C Paint The Town 19196 Bittersweet Area Rug

Painterly lines in a sensational swirling pattern are drawn from a post-modern work of art designed to create eye-catching appeal in our signature colors. The dense, hand-tufted pile is looped in places using extra chunky yarns to add textural dimension to this fabulous objet d'art for the floor.

Company C Phoebe 19098 Sand Area Rug

Bold is beautiful! Oversized blooms on our Phoebe rug bring the outdoors in-in a big way. We used extra-thick yarns in luscious hues and varied textures to create this room-enchanting rug.

Company C Tweedy 19064 Driftwood Area Rug

Reminiscent of the iconic tweed jacket made famous by Coco Chanel in the 1950s, we hooked six beautiful colors together to achieve a tweedy, textural and altogether stunning effect. We find this loop-pile rug equally pleasing with our bedding as we do with our patterned rugs. Et vous?

Company C Porcelain 18700 Mocha Area Rug

This beautifully colored round rug evokes the delicacy and elegance of Chinese ginger jars and hand-painted porcelain bowls. Its unusual palette and distinctive motifs make this hooked rug a work of art.

Company C Peyton 19502 Teal Area Rug

The delightfully ornamental pattern and unique color combo pops on this hand tufted wool rug. The refreshing coloration is also enhanced thanks to a special wash which infuses the peppy rug with happy, eye-catching appeal. 100% wool. Made in India.

Company C Serape 18962 Multi Area Rug

The mesmerizing quality of this concentric stepped diamond pattern, often seen in Native American weavings, becomes all the more compelling colored in an appealing palette of reds, greens, blues and earth tones. This rug is our most texturally varied of the season, incorporating thick, chunky…

Company C Oasis 19235 Blue Area Rug

Bold and Exotic. A veritable treasure that commands attention thanks to its deliciously exotic design cues and inviting color palette of red or blue. We've washed the rug to give it a sundrenched patina. Go on kick off your shoes, you'll definitely want to linger and daydream of faraway lands.…

Company C Wendy's Garden 18046 Black Area Rug

Black provides a dramatic backdrop for the fanciful presentation of dazzling flowers, vines, and pebbles. Inspired by an antique hooked rug, this garden jumble is timeless, yet up-to-date.

Company C Art And Soul 19400 Multi Area Rug

We turned to the Bloomsbury artists of the 1930's who believed in art for art's sake to create this beautifully bold statement piece. Tufted with three different yarns and three different techniques, this multi textural, pure wool rug displays its artsy personality through the abundant and oh so…

Company C Barefoot On The Beach 19231 Driftwood Area Rug

Kick off your shoes and enjoy a seaside stroll atop this beach-inspired beauty. Showcasing a veritable treasure chest of sand dollars surrounded by a shell border, the festive rug is rendered in sunbaked shades of corals, blues, yellows and greens. Imported.

Company C Tara 18869 Vermillion Area Rug

Like an enchanting kaleidoscope or magnificent mosaic tile floor, the Tara rug marries a floral medallion pattern with vivid color and three-dimensional texture. The motifs are raised in a chunky hooked wool, while the cream background is hooked in a lower, tighter loop. In shades of orange, red…

Company C Drip And Splash 19408 Toffee Area Rug

The contemporary art technique of dripping paint directly from can to canvas is borrowed here to fashion our bespoke work of art for the floor. Hand hooked using tie-dyed yarns which lend even more creative splash to the spice-hued piece. Wow! 100% wool. Imported.

Company C Hula Hoop 19192 Lake Area Rug

Round up! Overlapping rings drawn from the whimsy of the classic hula-hoop appear with playful drama on our pure wool rug. The dense pile is looped offering tons of texture as well as inimitable softness underfoot.

Company C Sea Glass 19013 Coral Area Rug

The sparkling, wave-tumbled shards of sea glass so prized by beachcombers are evoked in this colorful mosaic pattern. Prismatic triangles of color in tufted wool are set on a creamy textural ground of high-twist yarns. Lagoon mixes blue, aqua, green, driftwood and sand

Company C Sassafrass 19402 Cream Area Rug

In a delicious celebration of the color green, gorgeous Sassafras trees with their swooping greenish yellow flowers create the perfect spot of shade for both classic and modern decor. Hand tufted, in varying shades of loop pile lends tons of texture while the beautiful, washed effect adds a…

Company C Tweedy 19064 Lake Area Rug

Reminiscent of the iconic tweed jacket made famous by Coco Chanel in the 1950s, we hooked six beautiful colors together to achieve a tweedy, textural and altogether stunning effect. We find this loop-pile rug equally pleasing with our bedding as we do with our patterned rugs. Et vous?

Company C Fiesta Stripe 10112 Lime Area Rug

You can't go wrong with traditional stripes indoors or out. Create a nautical look for the summertime with some colorful chairs against our delicious fiesta of colors found in this flatweave rug. Bonus: the yarns are made from recycled plastic bottles so it's as good for the earth as it is for you.

Company C Courtyard 19017 Spring Green Area Rug

Like a lush watercolor garden plan, Courtyard washes a gridded ornamental motif in the early greens of spring-Willow, moss, chartreuse and Julep, with hints of Lake blue. In tufted wool with accents of shimmering viscose.

Company C Birch 19236 Platinum Area Rug

Inspired by its tactile layers and silvery colors, we've created a rug that truly captures the majesty of the birch tree. In a palette of champagne, driftwood and platinum, the striated pattern and high-to-low texture imparts a wonderfully organic look. Viscose yarn adds a pearlescent shimmer to…

Company C Staccato Throws 19254 Lake

Luxurious silk + a good cause equals a match made in heaven. These beautiful throws in a palette of gorgeous colors are handwoven are handwoven of 100% Silk, culled from the world's wildest silkworms by a cooperative in India organized to empower and educate women in rural areas. A great gift idea…

Company C Lydia 19096 Indigo Area Rug

The Lydia rug's field of flowers is planted in saturated, summery shades of Mango, Lime, Lemonade and Coral set off against a rich periwinkle (Indigo) ground and navy border. High-twist, washed yarns lend distinctive texture and depth.

Company C Monterey 19014 Terracotta Area Rug

The intricate veins and delicate ribs of gingko and eucalyptus leaves waft across our Monterey rug, enriched with textures of tufted, hooked, and high-twist wool yarns. Lagoon blends blues, aquas and greens on a sand ground

Company C Autumn Botanical 18861 Black Bean Area Rug

Ferns and flowers, silhouetted like pressed specimens or botanical illustrations, come to life against a dark brown ground. The flowers are hooked in a variety of yarns, including textured, tie-dyed and mottled yarns, giving them tactile richness. This stunning rug's background is made from…

Company C Brushstroke 18695 Blue Area Rug

Stripes of striated color meld across this rug like paint-laden brushstrokes. With its rich melange of muted colors, this versatile rug can work in a wide range of settings.

Company C Telluride 18960 Turquoise Area Rug

Inspired by Navajo weavings and also recalling the classic designs of vintage Beacon trade blankets, our Telluride rug is updated with bright turquoise and orange, giving zing to neutrals. The geometric motifs form wide horizontal bands on this flatweave wool rug.

Company C Larissa Pillow Berry

This imported Company C pillow was made from 100% Cotton Velvet (for the base-trim excluded). This contemporary style square accent / throw pillow features ultra-luxurious velvet and a pleated silk mini-flange with berry pink fuchsia colors. Bottom zipper and pleated silk mini-flange. Same velvet…

Company C Foliage 18532 Chili Area Rug

Sometimes you just need to put down your rake and marvel at Mother Nature's splendor. Create a cozy setting for any room with fanciful fall leaves scattered across a rich, chili-colored background.

Company C Dandelion 18234 Cornflower Area Rug

A soft, modern look with incredible texture. Hooked yarns accentuate this tufted rug to create a landscape of color you can actually feel.

Company C Amazing Grace 19194 Champagne Area Rug

The medallion prints of legendary fashion icons become the inspiration for this elegant, champagne-hued rug. Its stylish pattern pops against a contrast border on each end-and is washed to impart the hand-tufted wool rug with a lustrous patina and exquisitely soft hand.

Company C Chesapeake 18920 Ultramarine Area Rug

The blues of the bay and sky color foliage and flower motifs, all set against a pewter gray ground, for a fresh, sophisticated scheme. The yarns are tie-dyed, for subtle variations in color in this tufted wool rug.

Company C Hacienda 18958 Paprika Area Rug

This flatweave rug features a vibrant Navajo motif woven in thick wool yarn in beautiful variegated colors. The Paprika colorway ranges from gold to orange to red, on a stone ground, while the Turquoise blends aquas, greens and teal blues, with a wheat-colored ground. This flatweave rug would also…

Company C Twilight 19403 Mineral Blue Area Rug

We found inspiration for this serene stunner in the not-quite-night hues of a crisp evening sky. Hand tufted in oversized loops using super-chunky 100% wool yarns in soft, diffused shades of Aqua, Lake, Green and Ivory which shimmer against a backdrop of midnight blue. A true-blue beauty that works…

Company C Spectrum 18690 Lake Area Rug

We've teased a rainbow of colors from the Company C palette to create an array of solid-color rugs in brilliant hues, designed to coordinate effortlessly with many of the rugs in our collection. Hooked and tufted circles and squares add textural interest to the rich colorations.

Company C Sarrouk 19117 Cream Area Rug

We're reintroducing one of Company C's bestsellers as an outdoor rug in honor of our 20th anniversary. We took a classic pattern, and in Company C fashion, recolored it in vibrant shades of Lake blue, Moss green, Bittersweet orange and Dijon yellow that pop against the creamy ground. The…

Company C Make A Point 19405 Multi Area Rug

Genuine geometry makes modern art in this multicolored masterpiece for the floor. Hand woven of polypropylene derived from recycled plastic bottles, this indoor/outdoor rug will brighten up anything anywhere, especially neutrals like teak and canvas. Add to your deck, or heavily trafficked indoor…